Credo S Victoria – PRO TRAINING TEAM consists of highly skilled, professional trainers – active champions, willing to help you achieving your personal goals.

Either your target is the first place or to cross the finish line for the first time, the team of CREDO S VICTORIA can help you to do it.

Our coaching philosophy is summed up in the following six basic steps:

  1. Together we define a clear personal target (considering your background in sports, your age, your way of life and obligations and  your available time for practise).
  2. We design your personal training program, considering all of the above mentioned information.
  3. You implement the initial training program, under our constant guidance and in communication with our highly speciallized training team.
  4. We study your initial performance results and come back with revised and new training programs better adapted to your skills and needs.
  5. We constantly communicate with each other, feedbacking information from both sides, resulting in the immediate adaption of your training program and your continuous  improvement.
  6. You step into the race line, resulting the achievement of the final target and your personal VICTORY!